Chochamo Valley 2008

Chochamo Valley with David Lama, Barbara Bacher, Katharina Saurwein, Heiko Wilhelm and Jorg Verhoeven. A series of new routes in this amazing granite valley, known as the „Yosemite of South America“.

The thoughts below, written by the climbing media at that time, are worth to read and a great sign, how climbing changed in a positive way as nowadays so many great competition climbers of the past are crushing alpine routes:

„What is striking is that – apart from Hansjörg Auer – these climbers are famous above all for their performances plastic (Verhoeven had just won the Lead World Cup 2008, Lama was Bouldering and Lead World Champion in 2007 etc.) and seeing them on expeditions and not at the crag is something fairly unheard of. However things may be, experience has shown that whenever these competition athletes decided to transport their strength and fitness onto rock, the result is always impressive. This was certainly the case in the where the six climbers managed the following first ascents, using a mix of nuts, normal pegs and, where necessary, bolts.“

Cochamo Valley First Ascents:

Meataholic – 7c+/450m Trinidad Sur – David Lama, Heiko Wilhelm and Hansjörg Auer

The Dutch Corner – 7c/550m Cerro Trinidad – Katharina Saurwein and Jorg Verhoeven

Robinson Crusoe – 7b /700m Elifante – Barbara Bacher, Katharina Saurwein, Jorg Verhoeven

Footsy Variation – 8a/1040m Cerro Trinidad – free version of Mucho Mucho El Granito by Katharina Saurwein and David Lama

Somedays Twice – 7c/440m Cerro Laguna – Barbara Bacher and Hansjörg Auer